The difference in menstruation between starvation and menstruation


The difference in menstruation between starvation and menstruation.


Abortion means that there is no ovulation, and if this symptom occurs, you cannot even try to conceive. It can be assumed that women with menstruation usually have ovulation more than once a month every 28 days, and women with menstruation within 21-35 days have ovulation regularly. If the menstrual cycle is shorter or longer than this, sometimes there is a possibility of ovulation, so you need to check it with an accurate examination.

Often referred to as menstrual apnea is not usually noticeable, usually observed after the initial period or during menopause for a certain period of time, and only the ovulation-free menstrual period is observed. It is called chronic ovulation when ovulation does not last. Menstruation means that the average menstrual cycle is more than one month in a row when there is no menstruation. This is a symptom accompanied by persistent ovulation.

Pregnancy itself is a problem, but the risk of endometrial cancer increases, so it is recommended to wait for two months from the beginning of the last period before visiting a hospital when menstruation does not appear. There is a possibility of endometrial adhesion during menstruation after mid-term surgery or sofa surgery, so you must visit the hospital for re-examination. In general, the first menstrual period after mid-term or sofa surgery should be within seven weeks, and if it is within eight weeks, endometrial adhesion may be suspected.

Menstruation can occur when ovulation is present, but there are some differences depending on whether the speech focuses on ovulation or menstrual period. Cervical mucus, commonly called ovulation mucus, plays a very important role in the pregnancy process. Usually, the cervix, the entrance to the uterus, closes, but as it ovulates, the hole opens, and clear and transparent mucus flows out under the influence of estrogen. So why does this happen and what role does it play?

To understand this easily, it is necessary to look at part of the pregnancy from the beginning. There are countless sperms in the semen evaluated through marital relationships. From the moment it is evaluated, the sperm reaches a very difficult environment, an environment in the quality of women. It is a bad environment for sperm because it is kept strong acidic and prevents germs from entering from the outside.

Right here, cervical mucus flowing into the ovary helps the sperm pass through the vagina and into the uterus. Usually, the walls of the vagina not only provide a good environment for the sperm to swim out when the dry mucus flows down, but also provide nutrients to the sperm. Therefore, it helps more sperm reach the cervix easily.

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