Son Heung-min’s best friend Kane is really leaving Tottenham

Son Heung-min's

Son Heung-min’s best friend Kane is really leaving Tottenham, but Cascarino Kane is much more ambitious than being Tottenham’s best.

Son Heung-min's

Can Son Heung-min’s best friend Harry Kane really leave Tottenham?

Rumors of Kane’s transfer, which has been raised more than last year, are currently ongoing.

Whenever rumors of his transfer surfaced, Tottenham responded by leaking rumors of an extended contract.

In this chaotic atmosphere, former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino made remarks that made Tottenham fans sullen 토토꽁머니

Spursweb, a Tottenham community site, said on the 10th (Korea time) that Cascarino said Kane would transfer this summer.

According to the site, Cascarino said Kane is much more ambitious than being Tottenham’s best player ever, and that he must move to Manchester City or Real Madrid to become the best player in the world.

“Beckham moved to Real Madrid at the age of 28. Kane will be 28 years old in July and will be looking for his next settlement. This year is the right time to move.

“Kane has personally accomplished a lot at Tottenham, but he has been a loser in the League Cup and Champions League finals,” he said.

He also said, “Rionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are in the twilight of their football lives, and Lewandowski is four years older than Kane. “It’s a chance for Kane to be the best in the world.

“Kane won’t be able to lift the trophy at Tottenham,” he said. “Even if Tottenham win the League Cup, we won’t be able to hold Kane that much.”

“Cain won the Golden Boot at the World Cup,” Cascarino said. He will want to be at the top of the world for the next four to five years.

Spurs Webb also predicted that Kane could break up with Son Heung-min if Tottenham failed to win any championship cups this season.

Kane is currently tied for second in the league with 13 goals in the league with Son Heung-min.

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