Mooring miscarriage surgery aftereffects natural pregnancy success rate


Mooring miscarriage surgery aftereffects natural pregnancy success rate


There are some differences in infertility standards in different countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has set a deadline of two years, one year in Korea, one year in the United States under the age of 35 and six months over the age of 35. In fact, diagnosing infertility does not necessarily interfere with pregnancy. Statistically, the success rate of natural pregnancy is about 20% per ovulation cycle. Women with menstruation once a month also have ovulation once a month, so menstruation is regular, and in this case, they can get pregnant with a 20% chance per month.

The cumulative pregnancy rate shows that about 57% of healthy couples get pregnant in three months, 72% in six months, 85% in a year, and 93% in two years if they have a relationship without contraception, even if the cause of infertility does not exist, they should try to get pregnant for two years. Of course, women’s age, smoking, drinking, and stress can be affected. Most people tend to worry about “I don’t have a big problem” or “Why can’t I get pregnant when there’s nothing wrong with the test?”

As you can see from the statistics above, you should try to conceive with confidence for about two years. Since the success rate of natural pregnancy is relatively low if you are over 35 years old, getting proper hospital help is a good alternative.

If the fetus that died after pregnancy remains in the womb or if the fetus is not observed in the baby’s home due to abnormal development, it will be diagnosed as a mooring miscarriage. Very rarely, even if pregnancy residue is naturally released, it can decay in the uterus and cause inflammation, so it is not recommended to observe it for a long time, so most of the time, the dead fetus and pregnancy residue are scratched by sofa surgery.

Mooring heritage surgery is not necessarily beneficial. It is implemented because it is inevitable, but there can be many aftereffects, especially damage and recovery of the uterus. Sofa surgery allows the instrument to pass through the vagina and cervix, and it allows the senses to scratch the implanted fetus out of the endometrium 비아그라구매

Therefore, if the uterus does not open well, surgery becomes difficult and the risk of damage to the endometrium or uterine muscles increases. The more weeks of pregnancy, the more likely the fetal development process is in progress, so the uterine canal should be fully opened. Forced opening requires considerable force to insert an instrument, so women who have no experience in normal delivery are more likely to cause damage due to their hard cervix and narrow cervix.

Therefore, the cervix may be torn, and caution is needed in the next pregnancy due to the high risk of cervical impotence or premature birth. Cervicals with a lot of scar tissue will not open again or are prone to tear on the next delivery. In addition, the endometrium may be damaged due to the aftereffects of mooring miscarriage surgery.

It is scratched using a sharp machine, which stimulates one area too much to remove cleanly, destroys the endometrium due to endometriosis, and on the contrary, there are cases where residue remains and tactile treatment is needed. The use of this instrument during surgery will cause slight damage to the endometrium, and if the area is not large or deep, most of them will be recovered, but if the wound is deep and the blood vessels are damaged after surgery, the endometrium can be thin and infertile.

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