Exorbital symptoms, malformed sperm, natural pregnancy


Exorbital symptoms, malformed sperm, natural pregnancy


It is the time when hormone secretion is most active in the body, and as a result, various changes occur. Some people call this a symptom of ovulation and recognize it, while others don’t recognize it at all. Then let’s find out what kind of physical changes there are. Ovarian mucus (vascular mucus) As eggs mature, female hormone secretion in the body reaches its peak.

As a result, the closed cervix opens and the cervical mucus flows down, which can be observed in a slightly white mass at first, but over time turns into a clear, transparent viscous liquid. Some blood may be observed mixed in the form of a brown cold. Some people don’t recognize it because they sometimes have to wear a pad when there are many pads.

Infectious blood does not necessarily exist, but blood is often mixed in the ovulation mucus, and some of it has some bleeding, which can lead to clear blood. The amount of ovulation blood is significantly smaller than the menstrual period, and most of the bleeding stops within one to three days, so it can be distinguished by the pattern. Lower abdomen pain, chest pain, and severe pain in the lower abdomen, and as ovulation gets closer, you can feel severe pain.

It’s often called ovulation pain, but some people feel overwhelming pain in the moment, although most of them seem mild. Ovarian disease is characterized by a short lifespan, which usually improves within a day. In addition, as the secretion of female hormones reaches its peak, the chest grows bigger and tighter, or the nipples become sensitive, which can cause severe pain even if touched a little bit. This is also a temporary symptom of ovulation, so I don’t think it’s anything else.

The symptoms naturally disappear because the secretion of female hormones decreases rapidly from the very moment of ovulation. Body temperature change Due to changes in hormone secretion, body temperature increases by about 0.3 degrees compared to the moment of ovulation. Using this principle, the basic body temperature method is to measure the body temperature every day, input it into the graph, and determine the ovulation date. This is the most primitive but effective method of identifying ovulation, and the thermometer should be measured with minimal movement as soon as you open your eyes every day.

The sudden increase in appetite during this period can lead to temporary weight gain and sexual increase. It is also the prettiest time from reason because it is a time when feminine beauty is maximized due to the influence of female hormones. You don’t have to worry about all or some of the ovulation symptoms mentioned above, sometimes they’re too mild to feel in a few months, sometimes they’re too severe, and sometimes you don’t have to worry about them all.

The higher the proportion of malformed sperm, the lower the likelihood of modification. If modified, the fertilized egg may not develop normally, which is likely to end before the transplant stage. This is why artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization is considered even if there is a problem with the sperm. You can get healthy fertilized eggs if you choose only the morphologically good sperm.

Since more than 50% of the patients are removed during the insertion stage, it is difficult to think that they will become pregnant if they receive an auxiliary biopsy.

So, is it actually difficult to conceive a deformed sperm? This depends on the test result. Even if the test determines that it is difficult in reality, treatment can improve the quality of sperm and increase the normal number of sperm.

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