Should Hyundai Motor Group make a’walking car’?

Foreign media reported that Hyundai Motor Group eventually decided to acquire an 80 percent stake in Boston Dynamics, a U.S. robot company. According to Reuters and other foreign media reports on the 11th, Hyundai Motor Group has agreed with Softbank on the acquisition of shares….

Kyunghoo Lee, promoted as Vice President of CJ ENM

CJ ENM managing director Lee Kyung-hoo, the eldest daughter of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun, was promoted to vice president Daewoo. The eldest son, Lee Sun-ho, was not on the list. CJ Group made regular personnel appointments at the end of the year on Thursday….

I haven’t received an order for’iPhone 12 Pro’ in a month

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, which was released last month, is suffering from severe shortages. Some buyers have been unable to receive delivery for a month since they ordered the product, the report showed. According to related industries on the 10th, the number of complaints from…


Corona prevention, missed the golden time.

Critics point out that the third wave of coronavirus infections (Corona 19) is spreading uncontrollably as the government has missed the timing of quarantine measures. Although the government had already met the 2.5 level standard for social distance raising last month in terms of the…

9 degrees below zero in the morning of the 4th

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) predicted that the whole country would be mostly clear tomorrow (April 4) due to high atmospheric pressure in central China. However, there will be a lot of clouds on the west coast of South Chungcheong Province, Jeolla Province and Jeju…